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4th October, 2014

Thank you to everyone who sent in comments, thanks and suggestions. We have already made some suggestions live.

2nd October, 2014

We have had some initial teething problems with international cards, mainly US. We have fixed these issues. If you have any further problems ordering please let us know by emailing

1st October, 2014

From the early days of OpenBSD, product sales were handled by Austin Hook of the Computer Shop of Calgary. Eventually it became time for a handover because Austin bought a farm with cows and goats. We all owe Austin a huge thank you for all his work and effort over the years. OpenBSD Europe took over the main distribution of OpenBSD products in October 2014. We aim to serve the OpenBSD community as well as Austin did. Austin became an excellent mentor and friend of ours over time and he'll be sticking around with us for the future, just in a more relaxed role. Thank you Austin Hook!

s/OpenBSD Europe/OpenBSD Store/gc

OpenBSD Store will be taking over as the main OpenBSD distributor. OpenBSD 5.6 is now up for PRE-ORDER!

Older News (OpenBSD Europe)

1st May, 2014

OpenBSD 5.5 now shipping!

10th November, 2013

Major thanks to the plumbers (JFP) who rescued stock from being damaged!

1st November, 2013

OpenBSD 5.4 now shipping!

1st May, 2013

OpenBSD 5.3 now shipping!

1st November, 2012

OpenBSD 5.2 now shipping!

6th September, 2012

OpenBSD 5.2 PRE-ORDERS are up!

1st May, 2012


OpenBSD 5.1 now shipping

14th March, 2012

OpenBSD 5.1 PRE-ORDERS are up!

26th October, 2011

OpenBSD 5.0 is now shipping daily!

7th September, 2011

OpenBSD 5.0 PRE-ORDERS are up!

16th March, 2011

OpenBSD 4.9 PRE-ORDERS are up!

4th May, 2010

OpenBSD 4.7 PRE-ORDERS have been shipped. Now shipping daily.

14th March, 2010

OpenBSD 4.7 PRE-ORDERS go live. CD Sets, T-shirts and Posters.

25th February, 2010

New E-commerce system goes live!

15th October, 2009

All OpenBSD 4.6 PRE-ORDERS have been despatched.

18th September, 2009

OpenBSD 4.6 has been postponed from the 1st of October to the 1st of November. Please click here for more details. If you have ordered a OpenBSD 4.6 PRE-ORDER and have any issues with the changes please contact us.

8th August, 2009

OpenBSD 4.6 PRE-ORDERS are up!

23rd July, 2009

OpenBSD 4.6 PRE-ORDERS will be up soon. We will be stocking CD sets, t-shirts and posters.

20th May, 2009

For OpenBSD 4.6 we will also have posters and t-shirts available. Please check back in a few weeks for 4.6 PRE-ORDERS.

13th April, 2009

Updated shipping page. Added more destinations.

3th April, 2009

You can now contact us through Skype.

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